Hello class!  I am 35, married, and a new mommy to our eight month old son, Dylan.  I currently live near Macungie, grew up in central Bucks County, and lived in Princeton, NJ throughout my 20s.  I have been attending Cedar Crest College for two years, and am finally nearing the end!  I have an associate’s degree from LCCC in Business Administration, and will soon hold a BA in Applied Psychology.  I am working hard to get accepted at Lehigh University in the School Psychology program.  In my prior life, I worked as an executive assistant for CEO’s at public companies in NJ.    I also rode horses competitively for 20 years, and worked closely with pet rescue agencies across the state.  Although all my other activities except school are on hold while my son is still young, I hope to have a life again some day!

I love my psych classes at Cedar Crest, although this one is going to be difficult for me.  Biological sciences is not my strong suit, especially when we start discussing brain anatomy and chemical interactions!  Hopefully I can learn a lot while not killing my GPA during this course!